Industry 4.0 vs Industry 5.0

Industry 4.0 is technology-driven, whereas Industry 5.0 is value-driven. It is important to remember that Industry 4.0 and Industry 5.0 are mutually complementary, not mutually exclusive. This next wave of the industrial revolution needs to define how we collaborate and define the rules between human and AI interaction. As the manufacturing industry enters its fourth […]

Why Open Source Software Benefits Everyone

Open-source software is code that anyone can see, modify, and distribute. Unitree robots use a form of open-source programming called ROS, Robot Operating System. The Robot Operating System is an open-source framework that helps researchers and developers build and reuse code between robotics applications. ROS was built with cross-collaboration in mind. The base code and knowledge […]

Robots using LiDAR and SLAM

SLAM stands for Simultaneous Localization And Mapping. It is the process of mapping an area while keeping track of the device’s location within that area. This is what makes mobile mapping possible. This allows map construction of large areas in much shorter spaces of time as areas can be measured using mobile robots, drones, or […]

Robots Protecting and Serving

Robots in Law Enforcement

Quadruped robots can be used for law enforcement and anti-terrorism efforts. Robotics in law enforcement is becoming more common. Police robots are similar to other types of robots, using AI technology, machine learning, and IoT to perform tasks. The main difference between a police robot and a service robot, for example, is the task they […]

Why Legged Robots Make A Difference

Legged robots can navigate on any surface, including those surfaces that are inaccessible for robots with wheels. Quadruped robots are far more versatile than wheeled robots, making them desirable for safety situations.  Quadruped robots can play a key role in helping a rescue team because of their ability to carry heavy loads, to perform long-duration […]


February 9, 2023 – Stokes Robotics is proud to announce that they will have their robots featured in Jason Derulo’s performance at the Super Bowl LVII TikTok Tailgate Party. Rehearsals with Derulo’s dance team began yesterday; and Stokes Robotics will travel to Glendale, AZ, tomorrow to prepare for the onsite rehearsals Saturday and the concert […]

Our Road to the Super Bowl

Stokes Robotics is honored to have their robots dancing with Jason Derulo at the TikTok Super Bowl party.  Kevin Belida at TLC Entertainment is the customer who purchased the Go1 robots and contacted Stokes Robotics to help them with custom programing to match Jeremy Strong’s creative vision for Jason’s performance.  Stokes Robotics and TLC worked […]

Robots for Search and Rescue

Robots and drones can provide numerous benefits for law enforcement’s search and rescue response. They can often fit into places humans can’t, operate in environments humans can’t, and operate continuously without sleep. Some robots can even outperform humans in certain tasks; most importantly, they are replaceable. Robots can be sent to places that are too […]

Robotics Across the Curriculum

The term STEM is common in schools, but these key subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math are taught independently in many cases. Robotics is often used in after-school clubs, but it can also be a good way of bringing all these STEM subjects together in a single curriculum, STEMbotics. Educational robots are a good […]

Robots for School Safety

Quadruped Robots are capable of surveillance and monitoring school halls. In efforts to deter and manage hostile situations, robots are an efficient way to help mitigate school shootings. People are hoping to improve school safety and security with the use of robots. Robots are increasingly being used in security and surveillance applications. In addition to patrolling schools, they can also help in manufacturing plants, hospitals, residential communities, shopping malls, college […]