Robots for Search and Rescue

Robots and drones can provide numerous benefits for law enforcement’s search and rescue response. They can often fit into places humans can’t, operate in environments humans can’t, and operate continuously without sleep. Some robots can even outperform humans in certain tasks; most importantly, they are replaceable. Robots can be sent to places that are too […]

Robotics Across the Curriculum

The term STEM is common in schools, but these key subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math are taught independently in many cases. Robotics is often used in after-school clubs, but it can also be a good way of bringing all these STEM subjects together in a single curriculum, STEMbotics. Educational robots are a good […]

Robots for School Safety

Quadruped Robots are capable of surveillance and monitoring school halls. In efforts to deter and manage hostile situations, robots are an efficient way to help mitigate school shootings. People are hoping to improve school safety and security with the use of robots. Robots are increasingly being used in security and surveillance applications. In addition to patrolling schools, they can also help in manufacturing plants, hospitals, residential communities, shopping malls, college […]

Joplin Regional Innovation and Technology Summit

We are excited to welcome Robert Stokes founder of Stokes Educational Services. Robert will discuss and demonstrate practical business applications for quadruped robots (robotic dogs) and other mobile robots. He will also demonstrate and discuss how these robots can be utilized by schools to teach programming, engineering, and other STEM concepts while protecting students from dangerous […]

STEM and robotics company opens office in Carl Junction

Robots were on display this afternoon in Carl Junction. All part of a ribbon cutting and open house for Stokes Education — and is a STEM and robotics company that provides education equipment, supplies, and curriculum to serve the needs of teachers and students — not just here in the Four States, but across the […]

We are helping students to teach programming, engineering and robotics

Our new robot, A1, will be combined with our custom curriculum to help teach students programming, engineering and robotics. Our curriculum has schools work with local companies and government agencies to service their needs and perform tasks dangerous people. The commercial use of the robot will range from manufacturing facilities to police departments. We are […]

Medical robot teaches autistic children how to read emotions

DRAPER — A robot is doing what parents and teachers of autistic kids often can’t — narrowing the gap. “Medi” the medical robot can do a mean Michael Jackson. As it danced to “Thriller,” 7-year-old Owen Johnson, who has autism, and his siblings danced along with it. Medi can also walk, talk, sing, hear and […]