Our Road to the Super Bowl

Stokes Robotics is honored to have their robots dancing with Jason Derulo at the TikTok Super Bowl party. 

Kevin Belida at TLC Entertainment is the customer who purchased the Go1 robots and contacted Stokes Robotics to help them with custom programing to match Jeremy Strong’s creative vision for Jason’s performance. 

Stokes Robotics and TLC worked on the choreography for the show with Derulo’s teamvideo samples were sent back and forth until the programming was perfected.

On Monday, two team members drove the robots to Los Angeles for rehearsals. Two additional team members flew into Los Angeles that same day. Unitree Robotics is also flying out a Senior Engineer to help us use some of the newer technology. Stokes Robotics is glad that they can, with their engineer’s help, showcase technology to which no one else currently has access.

Today, the Stokes Robotics team and the robots are headed to Phoenix for the Super Bowl.

Stokes Robotics founder, Robert Stokes, and team members, Xintao and Adam, will attend the event. 

We are grateful for these amazing opportunities to show what our robots can do!  

Tune in today; you do not want to miss this!

TikTok Tailgate Party is at 1:55pm CST

Learn more about the party at https://newsroom.tiktok.com/en-us/celebrating-super-bowl-lvii-on-tiktok