STEM and robotics company opens office in Carl Junction

Robots were on display this afternoon in Carl Junction. All part of a ribbon cutting and open house for Stokes Education — and is a STEM and robotics company that provides education equipment, supplies, and curriculum to serve the needs of teachers and students — not just here in the Four States, but across the country.

“Technology will sometimes, can be a little bit scary. We need to embrace it and we need to use it to make ourselves safer, to make a safer environment for everyone. Whether it be an industrial setting, a school setting, or what have you. Every once in a while when we’re at a conference or something, we’ll move the robot and people will kind of freak out ’cause you know, it’s a robot coming after me. It’s not like that. It’s technology here to help us,” said Bill White, Stokes Education.

Stokes Education is located at 106 South Main Street.