Grade Levels



Students explore kinetic and potential energy. Students conduct tests to measure and calculate the amount of kinetic and potential energy in various situations. Students explore various forms of energy including mechanical, electrical, heat, and solar. Equipment includes timers, multimeters, thermometers, and light meters.

Lesson 1: Energy Forms

Students will define energy and identify various forms of energy including mechanical, electrical, heat, chemical, and solar. Students determine methods for measuring energy, collect energy measurements, and will calculate energy amounts from various sources.

Lesson 2: Kinetic and Potential Energy

Students explore the concept of energy and state of energy. Students define and calculate potential and kinetic energy. Students conduct tests to the potential and kinetic energy in various forms.

Lesson 3: Conservation of Energy

Students will explore the law of conservation of energy. Students will conduct tests to verify conservation of energy in various systems.

Lesson 4: Mechanical Energy

Students will explore mechanical energy and methods for converting other forms of energy into mechanical energy and transferring mechanical energy for one object to another.

Lesson 5: Usable Energy

Students explore various means of converting sources of energy into usable forms of energy and methods for storing energy in usable form.

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