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Engineering Processes

Engineering Processes

Engineering Processes integrates science, mathematics, language arts, technology education, and engineering concepts.

Students explore science concepts ranging from chemical reactions to Ohmís law to static and dynamic forces.

Students learn practical applications of algebraic and geometric principles.

Writing reports and giving presentations are critical in the field of engineering and in the Engineering Processes course.

Design, testing, modeling, and analysis are required in every engineering challenge in the course.

Course Length: 1 year

Engineering Areas Explored:

- Chemical Engineering

- Electrical Engineering

- Mechanical Engineering

- Manufacturing Engineering

- Civil / Structural Engineering

- Aerospace Engineering

- Engineering Processes Unit Outline:

- Teacher presents background content

- Students presented with challenge

- Students submit proposal for solution

- Students create design

- Students create prototype or final solution

- Students test and evaluate solution

- Students develop engineering report

- Students present report

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