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Webpage Design

Webpage Design

Students explore design and marketing principles related to web design. Students design and construct pages. Students add various forms of media and interactivity to their web pages. A class set of web design software is included with this unit.

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Lesson 1: Intro to Web Design

In this lesson students will research about the history, uses and structure of the internet. Discuss web related careers. Students will research and write a report on web related careers.

Lesson 2: Web Design Tools

In this lesson students will be introduced to the basics of the Web Easy software and various programming languages. Students will complete an interactive tutorial on web page creation and using Web Easy software.

Lesson 3: Design Concepts

In this lesson, students explore Web Easy templates, analyze the templates, and evaluate the design of web sites. Students familiarize themselves with the provided Web Easy Templates. Students learn concepts on how to use colors, images and layout to make their websites visually appealing. Students apply the learned concepts to pick out websites that are visually appealing from those that are not and explain why they made their choices.

Lesson 4: Adding and Formatting Text

Students learn how to add and change text. Students add text, change the color of text, and change the font and size of text to a web page. Students explain the difference between rich text, plain text and graphic text on a web page.

Lesson 5: Graphics

Students will manipulate size and shape of graphics and add graphics to a web document. Students will learn to shadow a graphic and wrap text around graphics.

Lesson 6: Audio and Video

In this lesson students will learn to import audio into a web document. Students make animations and add animations to a web page.

Lesson 7: Hyperlinks

Students will learn to add and manage links in Web Easy. Students use the Web Easy software to link two web pages together. Students also learn to link to other pages on the web and email addresses.

Lesson 8: Features of Quality Web Page Design

Students learn about factors to consider when making a web page. Students will learn how browser compatibility issues, plug-ins, and monitor resolution need to be considered when designing an issue. Students write an evaluation of an existing web site.

Lesson 9: TSA Cyberspace Pursuit Challenge

In this lesson students design and build a website for their school, TSA chapter, their class, themselves, local business or other entity. Students learn how to publish a web page. Students create their own web page. Students will demonstrate what they learned this unit by successfully implementing at least one aspect from every lesson into their web page.

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