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Technical Research and Reporting

Technical Research and Reporting

Students use the Internet to research technological advances and issues in such areas as agriculture, biotechnology, the environment, and medicine. Students learn to create a report using a word processor, create a display board, create a PowerPoint presentation of the report, and present an oral report. Students learn rules for sourcing and crediting information. Equipment and materials with this unit include materials needed for creating and enhancing display board presentations.

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Lesson 1: Research Methods

Students study an overview of research methods. Students will research air pressure using information provided, the internet, and experimentation. Students complete an experiment using a hard-boiled egg and a bottle to demonstrate the effects of differentials in air pressure. They then write a lab report about their experiment.

Lesson 2: Evaluating and Citing Sources

Students learn about evaluating and citing sources of information. Students will find reliable and unreliable sources of information on agriculture, biotechnology, the environment, and medicine. They will then complete a report using correct citations and prepare a works cited page.

Lesson 3: Reporting - Technical Report Writing

Learn about different types of technical report writing. Students examine, complete, and/or modify simple examples of technical report writing and write a report or reports from a list of options.

Lesson 4: Reporting - Display Boards

Students learn different ways to display technical reports on display boards, including basic rules and principals of design and presentation. Students then create a display board on a chosen topic.

Lesson 5: Reporting - Oral Reports and Presentations

Students are given guidelines for creating a PowerPoint presentation and doing an oral presentation. Students create a PowerPoint presentation, which they then use to give an oral presentation.

Lesson 6: Competitive Event Preparation

Students are presented rules and requirements for TSA events. Students choose an event, conduct the required research, and create a report and/or presentation according to the requirements of the selected event.

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