Grade Levels

The Environment

The Environment

Students explore weather, climate, erosion, compost, decay, and the water cycle. Students measure temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. Students conduct tests to determine how plants reduce erosion. Students also use a worm farm to study compost and decay. Equipment and materials include thermometers with barometer and humidity readings, worm farm, and erosion test kit.

Lesson 1: Weather

Students explore weather and basic atmospheric measurements. Students record daily reading of atmospheric conditions such as temperature, barometric pressure, and temperature. Students build an instrument to measure at least one atmospheric condition.

Lesson 2: Climate

Students explore the difference between climate and weather. Students explore different climate zone. Students also explore changes in the Earth's climate.

Lesson 3: Water Cycle

Students explore the water cycle. Students conduct an experiment to model aspects of the water cycle.

Lesson 4: Erosion

Students explore erosion, its effects and ways to prevent it. Students conduct tests to determine how plants reduce erosion.

Lesson 5: Compost and Decay

Students explore how soil is formed. Students care for and observe a worm farm.

Lesson 6: Conservation

Students explore the importance of conservation of natural resource. Students determine strategies to increase conservation in the city, school, and family.

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