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Marine Design

Marine Design

Students explore forces, density, buoyancy, and marine craft design. Students construct marine craft to meet various criteria. Students also design, build, and race a model sail boat. Major equipment includes a marine test tank built to TSA specifications, density test kits, and boat construction materials.

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Lesson 1: Intro to Marine Design

Students explore the history of marine design and create a marine design timeline. Students also complete a basic experiment to test the ability of various objects to float.

Lesson 2: Buoyancy

In this lesson students will learn about buoyancy in water and all variables that affect a boat floating in water. The students explore what causes an object to float, learn the Archimedes principle, and construct two simple boats to test buoyancy and displacement.

Lesson 3: Boat Designs

Students learn about critical elements needed when designing a boat. Students explore design features of boats or vessel. Students design and build a simple boat that demonstrates the design features in this lesson.

Lesson 4: Boat Propulsion - Sail

The students will learn about different boat propellers and how they help propel boat. Students design and construct a rubber band powered propeller.

Lesson 5: Boat Propulsion Propeller

Students learn about basic sail design and how their sails are used propel a boat. Students design and construct a simple sail for their boat. Students also select a type of sail boat and write a report about that boat and the type of sail it uses.

Lesson 6: Marine Design Challenge

The students design and build a model sailboat. Students test and revise their sail boats to achieve desired goals. Students research a sailboat from a specific country and information about the company who manufactures it. Students create a display that describes their boat, documents their design process, explains their test results, and provides information related to the boat, country and manufacturer they selected.

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