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Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Students explore presentation, teamwork, and problem solving skills. Students practice parliamentary procedure, public speaking, presentation creation, and group problem solving. Students film and critique their presentations and the presentations of their classmates (optional camera sold separately). Major equipment and materials with this unit include easel board, parliamentary procedure reference guides, and video tutorials.

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Lesson 1: Intro to Leadership

Students explore and identify various leadership traits and styles. Students also explore personality types. Students determine their personality type and explore strategies for working with other personality types. Finally students practice what they have learned by working as a team to complete a team based problem solving activity.

Lesson 2: Prepared Presentation

Students identify elements of an effective prepared presentation. Students prepare and present a presentation with visual aids. Students evaluate presentations based on the TSA Prepared Speaking event requirements.

Lesson 3: Extemporaneous Speaking

Students define extemporaneous speaking. Students explore tips for developing an extemporaneous speech. Students present an extemporaneous speech and evaluate extemporaneous speeches following the TSA Extemporaneous Speech event guidelines.

Lesson 4: Team Presentation

Students identify rules for effective team presentations. Students work in groups to develop and present team presentations.

Lesson 5: Parliamentary Procedure

Students explore procedures for running a meeting according to rules of parliamentary procedures. Students learn order of business and rules for making a motion, amending a motion, debate, and voting. Students conduct a meeting using proper rules and procedures.

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