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Digital Video

Digital Video

Students explore the basics of video production and related optical principles. Students storyboard, capture, download, and edit digital videos. Major equipment with unit includes digital video cameras, tripods, and video editing software.

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Lesson 1: Intro to Video

Students get an overview of the history and science of video and video production. Research and write reports on one or more of the following topics: history of video, science of video, and careers in video production. The teacher decides which and how many report topics are assigned.

Lesson 2: Capturing a Video

Students learn to the parts of and how to use a digital camcorder. Students learn to format mini DVD on the video camera. Students learn about the process of storyboarding and the importance of storyboarding. Students also learn rules involved with capturing a video, including lighting, framing, zoom levels, camera steadiness. Students practice capturing videos based on specific criteria.

Lesson 3: Downloading a Video

Students learn to finalize a digital DVD on the camcorder that allows the DVD to be played on other devices. Students learn to transfer there videos to a computer. Students learn to open, save, and preview videos using digital video editing software. Students apply the skills they learn to download and view the videos their videos.

Lesson 4: Video Editing Cutting and Splicing

Students learn and practice non-linear editing processes. Students practice trimming the length of videos, removing segments, and combining video segments.

Lesson 5: Video Editing Special Effects

Students learn and practice using video editing software to add special effects to video segments. The effects include adjusting brightness, and sharpness of a video, creating transitions, and adding titling and text to video segments.

Lesson 6: Video Editing Audio

Students practice adding and editing soundtracks to video segments. Students also practice adjusting audio levels in videos.

Lesson 7 Video Challenge:

Students capture and edit a video according to the rules in the TSA video challenge competition. Students prepare a video that can be enter into the TSA competition.

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