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Using Science in Technology & Engineering

Using Science in Technology & Engineering

Students are given various technological challenges. The students conduct scientific tests related to each challenge. Students use scientific principles and the results of their tests to design a solution to the challenge. Students then construct, test, and evaluate their solutions. Equipment and materials include scales, water tubs, altimeters, weights, balsa wood, wheels, axles, bottles, string, and other building materials.

Lesson 1: Flight Technology

Students explore the scientific principles of flight. Students design, build, and test rockets and planes.

Lesson 2: Mechanical Engineering

Students explore mechanisms and mechanical engineering. Students design, build, and test mechanisms to meet specific criteria.

Lesson 3: Rube Goldberg Machine

Students create an elaborate machine to perform a specific task given a set of goals and constraints.

Lesson 4: Structural Engineering

Students explore static forces. Students build a structure that can withstand a specified amount of force.

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